Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hurting Truth

As much as possible, I avoid trying to hurt other people. But if saying the truth will hurt, I weigh it first before telling but more often than not, I say it. Especially if hurting the concerned person by the truth will protect them from further harm.

But truth being the truth is not always necessary. In fact, there are lots of truths around us that we haven't discovered yet but here we are living off without knowing.

Truth frees and protects people. And it hurts. But sometimes, as unnecessary as it is, people utilize truths wrongly as an excuse to hurt others.

It's different between trying to help other people by stating the truth than trying to destroy someone using it. The difference between the two is the intention. The first one is mainly to tell the truth. The other one is to hurt.


  1. This reminds me of this photo of a ref magnet.

  2. It all comes to the your intention. Are you telling the truth with malice? If yes then you're doing something wrong. But if you're telling the truth out of love and because you love the person who should know the truth then what you're doing is pleasing to God.

  3. Naalala ko tuloy yung movie na invention of lying. though hindi ako natawa sa movie na ito pero maganda ang concept at naipakita talaga yung what if puro brutal truth ang mga kaganapan sa buhay.

  4. Trying to point out the obvious to a person blinded with lies boils down to what you're trying to do.
    you were right, it all depends on what your intentions are.

  5. Hmn, may pinaghuhugutan ba itong post mong ito, Rogie? hehehe

  6. Truth hurts and agree naman ako jan. So when you ask for it make sure that you can handle it.



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