Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Halftime Review

Just like that and we already passed the halfway mark of 2013. It's just like yesterday when we were wishing for a great year ahead. 

As I grow old, I'm starting to realize that years, age and numbers aren't really that important. It's what we are based on those numbers which matters most. You can be too young for your age now, or too old for what you are doing. No time is being wasted as long as we are learning and improving on whichever we engage ourselves into.

Sometimes, you feel that nothing's going right and that you're going no where.That's still better than what you were yesterday when you were doing those things without realizing that it's not bringing you anywhere. And now that you know, you can decide if you will keep on at what you're doing or start changing the course. 

But before doing that, try to take a short glimpse of your past. Did you learn anything that you can utilize in the present to improve your future? Are there some things that you have left lacking that you need to finish off before you can move on to the next? Or is there anything that you are still carrying now that is better of left behind to make room for better stuffs in your baggage to your destination?

So how's your year so far?


  1. Awww, ambilis nga naman talaga ng panahon ano parekoy. Grabe, kalahating taon na pala ang lumipas ng di ko namamalayan. Malapit na naman ang pasko hehe!

    Naku, kung ako ang tatanungin mo kung kamusta na ba ang nakaraang 6 months ko, well... ang masasabi ko ay steady lang... wala naman major major na kaganapan lol

    Hindi mahalaga kung saan ka nagmula, ang mahalaga ay kung saan ka patungo. Age is just a number and it always mislead us.

    1. Yup. mabilis talaga pareng fiel. Kaya ngayon pa lang, happy new year :)

  2. tama ka parekoy. magpapasko na naman. at andito na naman ako sa us. trabaho na naman. haaay...

    1. oo nga pre, di man lang uli tayo nagkita. hehehehe. di bale, may next time pa pre. :D



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