Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Forget About Yourself To Perform Your Best

I don't consider myself a writer. I write. But calling myself a writer, for me is a disrespect to those who do writing seriously and professionally. Those people who studied, learned and practiced the art of writing for a long time, they deserve to be called a writer. Not everyone who became famous writers though went through the same path I'm talking about. But I'm sure that they still earned their way to where they are now. It's not that they just wanted to write one time and then they already became what they are now. They still started from somewhere low.  That's why I have this high respect for them.

But even if I don't consider myself a writer, I still created myself some rules to follow.  I might share them later since I think they are helping me. But before listing them all, I would like to emphasize on that one which I find very important in creating my contents. It's my rule on forgetting about myself. 

I read a lot. Not just the works of others but also what I wrote in the past. I notice that there are some of which I remember clearly the time I was working on them. But for some, it seems like I'm reading the works of another person. I don't even remember what was going on when I wrote it. I totally forgot that I even thought of that idea. It's like reading from someone who can express his idea better than me.I admire that person. That's not me. No, I'm not boasting. I just don't know how I did that and I don't know if I will be able to do something like that again.

We all have this kind of moment. It's not just in writing. It can happen in anything we do, like in sports. I know some of you can relate to this. When we are too much into the game, we usually perform better. It's like we're possessed and we're just doing anything right. After the game, you try to think how you were able to do that.

Then on the next game, you try to replicate what you did. Being conscious about it, most of the time you fail. And a lot of times you fail badly. The difference is that during the time you performed better, you were focused on the game itself. While on the next instance, you're concerned about yourself and how you will look like to the other people. It's the same thing in everything we do. It's either we focus on the idea of what we're doing or we're thinking about how we do these things. And the first one is where we forget about ourselves and immersing our mind into what we're doing. 

This is where usually our best performances come out. Sounds easy but considering our little own narcissistic tendencies, it's not that simple. It requires practice. And a lot of it. I know because I am still very far from it. I still need tons of practice to do to totally forget about myself when I do something.

And that's why, I can't call myself a writer. Not yet. Or maybe never at all. But for now, what's important is I am writing. And I guess, that's what matters now.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rogie! Worth my time. :D

    1. You're welcome Hanna. Thanks for visiting. :)

  2. Naku parekoy, I also feel the same way. Never ko talaga na nakikita ang sarili ko na tatawagin akong isang "writer". I still have a long way to go para matawag na isang writer. Pero not now, tomorrow, or 10 years from now lols

    Natatawa na nga lng din ako pag nagba-back read ako ng mga old blog post ko (around 2009 to 2010) hahaha, feeling ko ang daming mali and I learned my lessons naman... kaya presently, I believe na mejo nagiging maayos na ang mga post ko (sana) :D

  3. tingin ko pre isa ka ng writer. ako, salbahe pero hindi writer.

  4. pero gusto ko rin talagang maging writer... sana with formal training din :)

  5. When I read my past posts, parang hindi ako nagsulat rin. Hehehe.

    I am not a writer too but I consider my daughter as one. Sana magmana ako sa kanya! :)

  6. i totally get you! i'm the same way -- minsan pa nakakahiya when i read what i wrote in the past. yikes! i wrote that?? especially those where i sound really really selfish and feeling sorry for myself. YUCCH. parang gusto ko sabihin, SINO KA??? tigilan ang drama!!! :D



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