Saturday, June 8, 2013

Forcing Your "Rights" is Never Right

Groups, companies and institutions have their own respective rules that they follow. It’s always part of their systems.  Insiders know and abide them. Outsiders can look. And they can also try to go in, be a guest or maybe aspire to become part of it and be an insider. And as a guest or a new member, it is always his responsibility to familiarize himself with the rules and the culture and abide with them. He may find disagreement with some but he can always ask why there is such. But he must never expect to get an answer that he likes to hear or more so to change them.

We simply do not barge into someone’s door acting like a primadonna demanding the people inside to think, conform and act the way we want them to while insisting that it is our right. It is never a right but an act of arrogance. And we can’t accuse people affected by such disrespect of bigotry since it’s their home and it’s their rules. It is your right to ask and to choose joining them. But if you do not like something about them, you also have the right to leave and choose another . Or if you still can’t find something that suits your taste, you’re also allowed to build your own turf.

A right is never right if you’re forcing someone to change something that is against his or his affiliations’ will just for you to fit in. To begin with, you are never forced to join them anyway. You can always choose to leave, find something else or create a new one.  And that is one of the best rights which is provided for all of us. 


  1. Isang malaking check!

    Isa sa pinaka ayaw ko talaga sa lahat is yung pinipilit akong gawin yung isang bagay na ayaw ko naman gawin.

    Kaya be wise on choosing a group of people na pakikisamahan mo para wala kang pagsisisihan in the end. :)

    1. thanks Fiel. Yup, may choice naman tayo lagi :)

  2. super agree ako. ayoko ng dresscode sa company namin. paano na yung wala masyadong budget sa damit? sana eh mag uniform nalang.

  3. Actually, parang ang kapal naman ng mga gumagawa niyan. Do they think the world revolves around them so that everything and everyone else will adjust to them and their preferences? And then, when they're unable to assert the "rights" they're trying to force on the group, company, or residents of a home, they cry "discrimination". :-/



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