Friday, February 7, 2014

6 Lessons from Flappy Bird

My highest score so far is 10. I haven’t played it so much though. Just twice since last Monday and for not more than 15 minutes each. I can’t have it on the 5 year old phone I’m using  so I just borrowed my wife’s device to try FlappyBird as I got curious on what this thing is that a lot of people go gaga with. I’m afraid that I will get hooked into it once I play more so I’m not trying it again. 

“.GEARS Studio” made it big here being one of the top downloaded free app right now and earning big bucks on ads. I don’t know if they put in some psychological and behavioral studies before releasing this but whatever magical potion they used while creating it, it is definitely working. The tons of criticisms seemed to add more curiosity to it. And in that short period I played Flappy Bird, I realized right away a lot of stuffs that we can apply in real life from this game.

  1. With patience, you can always out do your personal bests.
  2. Competition with others might help you to improve but it can also be a cause of disappointment and envy.  Competing with yourself rather can save you from these side effects.
  3. Repetition makes difficult things easier.
  4. Some things look harder than it looks.
  5. Simplicity can be attractive or addictive.
  6. Time is expensive. It’s either you spend much of it trying to beat the other guy and both of you ending up with an empty achievement of sorts or making use of it on things more worthwhile.  The keywords here are “more” and “much”

I don’t consider myself a gamer but I spent a lot of times with many video games already. Until now, I’m still playing this one Pokemon version  (Emerald) during my free time.  If you ask me if I regret the hours I spent finishing those games before, my answer is NO. I enjoyed a lot while playing them and felt accomplished though a bit sad after completing them. I can compare the feeling after finishing a good book. After that, I look for something else to do and apply what I learned from them. Once I’m done with them, I move on. And I’m done with Flappy Bird. Thank you .GEARS Studio.


  1. I consider myself as a gamer pero di ako madalas makiuso sa mga bagong labas na games for smart phones, etc. Like nitong Flappy Bird. Nagmamasid at patingin-tingin lang ako sa paligid about sa experiences ng friends ko about this game.

    Dagdag ko na din sa list mo sa taas...
    - Patience is virtue. Kapag may chaga (sa paglalaro ng game na ito), may nilaga :) (you will attain your desired score)
    - Practice makes perfect.
    - Pahinga pahinga din pag may time. Kung di mo ma beat ang high score mo today, meron pa naman bukas. Nanjan lang naman yang game. Di naman siya aalis lol

  2. Haha, I know the feeling after finishing a game, parang natapos ang favorite tv series mo. Anyway, I'm keeping myself from playing this game. I have issues with tolerance and self-control so, wag na lang muna. Hahaha.



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