Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's Just Write

I created this blog with a fear that people would start thinking about me differently and at the same time getting excited about it. I always tell others that how people look at you should be the least of your concerns but it’s an advice that I find myself difficult to follow.

I started with an excuse of what I will do, then a re-post, then a new one and then another. And every time I publish something new, I always hope that people would actually read it, like it and then share it. There are some who tell me they appreciate my posts. Though there are those people close to me who seemed not to care nor are aware of what I do even up to this moment. Then there are some who see my blog as a punchline. They make fun of it during gatherings. Ironically, these people haven't read even one content of my blog. Or maybe they really did and they found it hilarious and they just care about my feelings so they pretend not to have read anything in it, maybe only the title and then cracked jokes about it.

All these thoughts run through my mind about what I’m doing here. Now, let’s remove all of them. Scratch them out. Imagine that I didn’t say these things. These are all heavy baggage which could have affected what I’m doing now, so heavy that it might have forced me not to start.  Every day, I’m realizing a lot in life which interests me to write about and I can’t imagine myself not doing it. I can’t contain these things easily so it’s either I speak about them or write about them. I choose writing most of the time because it reminds me easily about these realizations later on.

I just want to write and share what I learned and what I am learning. I began and now I continue.  I am alive and I am happy.  There are those who say they enjoy what they read here. While some tell me they aren’t and some doesn’t care. And even if I did something else, it will still be the same scenario. Right now, I’m doing one thing that I love to do without hurting anyone and without hurting myself while making you occupied and entertained for a while. And I hope that you are. Tell me. Don’t be shy. Just write. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. ako bumabalik-balik ako dahil sa mga sulat mo na easy to read, easy to understand and deep. i don't know parang hindi right yung entertainment lang e, siguro yung you persuade me to think and to say something. hindi man tayo palagi na same ng side or opinion pero nage-gets ko yung point mo, bakit and for what.

    siguro damang-dama mo yung super intense na ng opinion ko kung haba-haba na. hehehe

    mabuhay and keep on writing. therapy kaya to.



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