Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Doing it Right While Doing The Right Things

You do the right things for the sole reason of being right most of the time though we may have different ways to it. Not one approach is inferior than the other as each piece is expected to do a move based on an individual's capability and circumstances. Each move is not expected to be visible to one another thus we can't be certain if one's doing enough, and what's enough cannot even be measured. You can only be fully aware of what you do and only you can honestly say if you're utilizing your given skills and capabilities to their full potential. And more so, one can't be the enemy of another with the same objectives but doing a different (but righteous) approach. Working together with them though might bring you closer and quicker to your target.

1 comment:

  1. i get your point here :) maraming pwedeng maka-relate :)
    ito yung tipo ng babasahin na hindi mo dapat ipaliwanag kung paano mo ito naintindihan base sa iyong pagkakabasa, dahil yung ibang makakabasa nito ay maaaring mayroong iba o mas malalim pang pakahulugan...

    nice! :)



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