Friday, February 14, 2014

Equal Love is Unequal Love

Love and demands are two things worlds apart. A starving mother will give food until the last piece to her hungry children. A husband will shield his wife and kids from danger even if it means harm on him. Teachers will be present in their classrooms at the lowest of salaries for their passion for work. A pet dog will wag his tail for his owner who comes two days after leaving him alone. An athlete will do his best to compete in his sport with or without proper support.  A man will wait for his lady. A lady will respect his man.

True equal love is unequal love. It will always want the best for the other party even if it means the worst for the giver. No demands. No expectations. No asking for anything in return. You just love. You just do.  And once you start demanding, then that's the end of love.


  1. Nicely said. I love it! Very true..

    I always give without expecting to receive something in return. I just do it. =) I pray that I can find a husband that just loves me because I'm me, not because he wants my money or not because he wants to break my heart </3.

    1. It will happen. You'll find him. Just continue praying and don't lose hope in love. :)

  2. correct!!!

    share ko lang... naimbitahan ako sa isang debut then parang ambush interview ang tanong kung bibigyan ko ng super power yung debutante ano yun at bakit. fan ako ni ironman pero hindi ko rin naman ma-imagine at mai-connect sa debutante yung kay ironman, at kahit sino pa isipin ko kina spiderman, superman, at batman iisa lang naman ang lalabas e. ang talagang super power ng tao ay love. when you love someone or something halos lahat kaya mong gawin.

    ayun! miss world lang ang peg. love and world peace. hehehe

  3. Amen. Sa totoo lang, ang nakakapansin lang naman na "unequal" ang love ay ang mga taong nagbibilang. Kung hindi ka magbibilang, at gagawin mo lang ang tama o bukal sa puso mo, hindi mo maiisip na hindi pala kayo parehas ng binibigay.

    Sa totoo lang hindi naman talaga magiging parehas, dahil interdependent tayo sa isa't isa and we can only give what we can.



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