Saturday, May 12, 2012

The "CEO" Mom

If you are aspiring to be a manager or a CEO someday, try to have a “mom’s” character. The world would surely be a better place if we all aspire to have the "mom" attitude. Imagine if all of us having these great attributes:

  • Mom’s patience – when a baby cries endlessly and seems without any reason at all, mothers are the last person who can stand it.
  • Mom’s endurance – nine months carrying a human being from being a tiny group of cell up to weight ranging 4-7 lbs inside her tummy and hours of labor pains during birth, now that’s endurance.
  • Mom’s strength – even after a very tiring whole day’s work, she will still have enough strength to carry her growing baby for longer time with eagerness and care.
  • Mom’s sacrifice – skip meals, lack of sleep, and sometimes totally forget about herself just to provide comfort and care for her family.
  • Mom’s time management –  no matter how busy she is, she’ll find time to cook, clean the house, bathe the kids and a lot more things for the family.
  • Mom’s memory – if you’re looking for something around the house, she’ll tell you exactly where it is and she knows almost all special dates such are birthdates and anniversaries of the family members.
  • Mom’s financial intelligence – for just about any amount, the whole family will not lack the essentials under mommy’s budgeting skills.
  • Mom’s ability to multitask – she can do almost anything at the same time just for the sake of the family. 
  • Mom’s sensitivity – even if you’re not saying anything, she’ll know if something’s not right.
  • Mom's vision - before you speak of what you need, mom is already a step ahead of you and already prepared for it..
  • Mom’s wisdom – all of us will realize that what our moms tell us especially during our childhood are rightful and for our own benefit and better future.
Truly, the best people in the world are our “moms”.  There are no actions that can be done nor words that can be said to explain and equate your worth to mankind. 

This post is dedicated to my mom friends, grandmothers, aunts, in-laws,cousins, my mom-in-law, my mom and my wife. This also goes to all the moms in the world. Thank you and we love you. Happy mother’s day to all moms!


  1. happy mother's day to your mom and wife pre!

  2. Moms are just awesome. astig sila ..haha

    belated happy moms day to your mom :)

  3. Lahat ng moms astig, sabi nga sa coke commercial.hehehe. happy mom's day din sa mom mo at sa lahat ng mom sa buhay mo bagotilyo :D



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