Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Make Money from the Impeachment Decision

After the impeachment trial, it seems that there are more questions than answers that arose on the Filipino minds. These are just some:

-          -  Who will replace Corona as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
-          -  What will be the impact of the Senators’ votes on their election bids?
-          -  What is Malacanang’s reaction?
-          -  Will the legislative create a new law regarding SALN and Foreign Currency Accounts?
-          -  Will there be next in line (GMA and Corona’s case) and who are they?

These are all valid questions.  Many of us will probably talk about these issues in the following days.

But the thing that I'm most curious with regarding today's verdict is on which way the stock market will move tomorrow. No dramas happened. There are no violent reactions. The impeached chief justice accepted his fate willfully. Everything seems to be in order and the general ambiance looks very positive. Therefore, my “tsambanalysis” is that the stock market will bounce big tomorrow especially the 1st and 2nd liners which are mostly laggard on the previous days due to the cyclic market correction. If one’s early and have some money to trade, I believe that it’s a good day to do some “tsupitas” and earn some extra tomorrow. But again, it's just my analysis and I might be wrong of course. Just like what they say, "caveat emptor". ;-)

Well, it’s just one thing that I think has a quick direct impact on the individual Filipinos especially the investors and the traders. 

Apologies for those who are not able to comprehend the above paragraph. But I have good news for you.  I’m planning to create a new blog regarding fundamentals of investments and money making tips. I’ll try to share you some of my basic understandings using the layman’s term for easy reading and understanding.

I’m relatively new in this stuff as well but if you are interested to learn further, hope you can join me on my journey thru the world of investments.  I’ll announce the details very soon.  

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  1. Hmm, money making tips, I like that. I'll among the first to follow your newest blog.
    But I have to make it clear, money is not all that drives me. It's just a part to make life easier. :)

    1. Thanks Lawrence. I organize ko lang mga topics ko then start na ako dun. :)

  2. great article, would read again.

  3. okay ang philippine market ngayon dahil:

    1. positive outcome of the impeachment
    2. rating upgrade of philippine credit by Moody's
    3. positive developments in Greece financial outlook

    aabangan ko yung bago mong blog pre.

    1. Thanks pre. pero short term lang yan tingin ko. medyo matagal tagal pa ang correction ng market. hehehehe. pero yan naman ang opportunity natin to buy. Thanks pre. Simulan ko na talaga yun as soon as possible. hehehehe

  4. Message me as soon as you can kapag up na yung blog.

    I'll support it. People has to know more about personal finance and making investments. We're planning to incorporate that in pinayfitness.ph

    Sa ngayon focus muna kami in promoting physical fitness to fellow pinays. Tapos, soon, t-try na namin sya palawakin to include financial fitness, emotional fitness, etc.

    Anyway, ayaw ko kasi yung mentality ng iba nating kababayan na parang galit sa pera at pagyaman.

    1. thanks for the very positive comment Rae. sure, sabihan agad kita.

      agree ako sa yo. parang yung ibang tao, gulat na gulat sa mga tao na nagagawang ayusin ang mga kinikita nila. para bang para sa iba, imposible na ang kumita ng higit sa kanilang pangangailangan. Para bang pag naging mayaman ka, ang iisipin nila e sinuerte ka sa lotto o kahit anong sugal o kaya naman ay may ginawa kang ilegal. di na rin nakakagulat kasi, marami sa pinoy talaga ang di alam ang gagawin para gamitin ng tama ang perang kinikita nila. ako naman e malayo pa rin dun sa pagkita ng sobra, hahahaha. pero kahit papano, nasimulan ko na rin naman yung foundation.

      at kaya nagblog na rin ako, para maishare ko sa iba yung natutunan ko at yung kung ano na ang ginagawa ko. at least, alam rin nila kung san manggagaling ang kita ko kung sakali na balang araw e maging opisyal na rin ako ng gobyerno at makita nila na masyadong malaki ang assets ko. di nila ako paghihinalaan. hehehe. salamat talaga Rae.



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