Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The “Person” in the Middle of Mon Tulfo, Raymart and Claudine and the Cebu Pacific

So who’s the guy in the middle? Let’s try to map it out.

Raymart’s wife Claudine is the sister of Gretchen Barretto who is married to businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco who’s one of the bosses of tv station TV5 which is now under the major ownership of PLDT group under the leadership of Manny V. Pangilinan.

Meanwhile, Mon Tulfo has 3 brothers named Ben, Erwin and Raffy who have a show called T3 which airs regularly on TV5, which is again under Manny V. Pangilinan’s overseeing.

Then finally, the Cebu Pacific airline company is owned by the Gokongweis who have minor shares and are still part of the bosses of Digitel/Sun Cellular telco company which now has Manny V. Pangilinan’s PLDT group getting the major shares.

Now, we all know who’s the guy between Mon Tulfo, Raymart, Claudine and Cebu Pacific. He’s none other than Mr. MVP. :)

But sorry guys, he’s just too busy to try fixing their scuffle. Besides, malalaki na sila, alam na nila ginagawa nila. Hehehehe.


  1. lol.... what a bright depiction of who that guy was.

    ~ Colors and Grays

  2. i see what you did here... parang reverse engineering lang. haha! pero sabi mo nga, the bottomline is away na to ng santiago at tulfo at labas na sila dun.

    mali ka sa isang bagay. are you that the middle person is a guy or a mister? lols!

  3. Sometimes I tear myself to sleep to learn that geniuses like you are easily ignored. :) Fun theory of the "somewhere in the middle" guy, there.

    1. Hehehe. What I wanted on this post was to take on a different perspective or story about the incident and share some fun of course, and it's great to know that you guys liked it. thanks for dropping by Armando. :)

  4. tama .. malaki na sila masyado para makialam pa si mr. MVP

    fix their mess :)



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