Monday, June 4, 2012


Early on in my life, I already had this strong belief on the power of "mindset". I always had this thinking that if one put his mind into it, then it is possible to happen. The brain, being the most powerful and complicated organ, will control every other parts of your body once it is focused on achieving whichever goal that you had been targeting all along.

As I had mentioned on one of my earlier posts, I will be creating this other blog where I would be sharing some information and knowledge that I learned about investing. And that blog is already created with an introductory article regarding "mindsetting".  Hope you can also drop by on my other blog entitled "Layman Investment". All my future articles regarding investments will be posted there and everything outside it will still be published here.

Thanks and see you there.


  1. Mindsetting can be applied to everything we do. Sabi nga diba, 'what you can't imagine, can't take place.'

    You must be able to think it first, kahit indeliberately, before you can do it.

    Looking forward to your blog.

    This mindsetting thing is effective for me. Lalo na sa healthy lifestyle goals ko. Tipong, paggising sa umaga, I already set my mind that I'll eat right and exercise. Often times, pag di ko nagagawa yun, tinatamad ako.

    1. Tama, everything starts with the mind. What the mind can conceive, the body will achieve sabi nga ng iba. tama nga ba yung quote ko? hehehehe.

      Eto nga pala yung link sa kabila kong blog -

      Thank you Rae :)


  2. i really like your point!! nice blog



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