Tuesday, May 21, 2013

9 Ways to Change the World by the Inch

There are lots of simple things people do that can instantly make our day complete. Those simple gestures when you suddenly feel very thankful and compelled to do the same thing to others. Like when you’re treated well or simply greeted respectfully by a random person. Pardon the cliché, but kindness is contagious. Yet, so is rudeness. So I suggest the following simple acts for you to try doing today to spread kindness and changing the whole world on a per inch basis. It’s doing kindness on the people nearest to you. Let's all do it. Now.

1. Give way to another commuter in traffic. Because when someone do that to you, you feel so  much better that you'll surely remember it. Chances are you will do it to others in return the next time.

2. Smile, say hi or hello, good morning/afternoon/evening, excuse me, I'm sorry or thank you for even the smallest effort you get from another person. We take these gestures for granted. But admit it. Whenever you hear these words from another person, it's a big deal and it feels like the sun shines on you.

3. Be early. If you can't, then be on time. It's the biggest favor we can give to the other person we have commitments with.

4. Whatever it is, do your job well all the time. Always give your best effort to all your clients, customers, co-employees, employees, bosses, etc. I'm not saying you have to be that goodie-goodie guy always. I'm just saying you have to do properly whatever task and responsibility you are assigned with. Sometimes, even if it's the least we can do at work, we still miss it.
And the fact that I have to say this means I have to say this.

5. Connect with a friend/relative you haven’t talked to for a long time. It may either be a long talk or just an exchange of hi and hello but for sure, you’ll both be happy and rejuvenated with the experience.

6. Give away an old stuff that you don’t use or need anymore but still in good condition. A friend will love the gesture and you will enjoy the free space you can get. More rooms for the new.

7. Buy your parents, spouse, grandparents, children, sibling, roommates, housemates a “pasalubong” today. Giving them a treat does not require an occasion or anything to celebrate. Being with them is always enough reason.

8. Tell a special person how much you appreciate their role in your life. Let them know how they help you keep up with life. Give them compliments. But this is tricky. They might think that you’re suicidal or something so timing might be necessary in doing this. But what the heck, just tell them how lucky you are to have them around.  

9. Share this post to others. You'll never know when you'll meet the other person reading this. Let them be your sunshine today.  Then, like my page  to get the next tips.



  1. I like number 2. Yes, it makes a lot of difference. :)

    1. I agree michi. Simple but it rocks. :)

  2. i like your list. aminado ako na hindi ko nagagawa madalas ang mga ito pero aminado rin ako n kapag ginagawan ako ng mga ito. ay happiness talaga!


    1. Syempre naman. Kaya Madam Hoshi, isang malaking THANK YOU sa yo. Happiness! :)



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