Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pain, A Parent And A Child's Perspective

As a parent...

I can't imagine how painful it is for a parent to see her child suffering even for some deserved punishment because of the mistakes he did. Just how hard it is to bear witnessing your own flesh and blood hurting as a product of his wrongdoings. More of the pain of seeing our child in torment is the guilt and awareness that we're an accomplice on what's happening to him. We question ourselves of our shortcomings on how and why he ended becoming into what he is now. We are tortured with guilt of bringing him into the situation. We blame ourselves. We let them down. This knowledge amplifies further the pain that we feel inside and it crushes our heart.


As a child...

We know that we are all responsible of our own individual fates. And the way our parents treated us is never the single reason of what we become. It is more of the decisions that we make and the choices that we take. And we can't remove that emotional bond that we have with them no matter how bad a person we become. We'll still be that small fellow that our mothers once bore in their bosoms and the little playful kid whom our fathers once gently protected. And it hurts to know that our own malevolence put them into such heavy pain. Our bad choices will hurt not only us but also our parents upon seeing us getting punished for our mischief. It hurts as a child seeing our parents suffering especially if we know that the cause is ourselves and all our own wrongdoings. 

....We can never win with conscious bad choices in life. It will never hurt only one person. At least two people will be in pain, and one of them will always be that most important to you.

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