Sunday, May 19, 2013

Don't Seek Happiness

Happiness as a sole goal is never ideal.  Without considering other factors, it is just selfishness and will always be unreachable. It is human nature to be not contented. Maybe for  a while but after achieving something that we think makes us happy, we'll start getting used to it and its effect starts trickling down. And the hunt for happiness starts again like you never experienced it before. And it will be a vicious cycle.

The trick is to stop seeking and start looking at what you have around. See the people and the things  that keep you going. Try to look back at the young you. Remember the first time you appreciated a surprise "pasalubong" from dad? Or that day when you had your favorite sandwich made by your mom for your school "baon"?  Those are authentic "happiness" and they happened when you're not seeking for them. I'm sure that those things that will make you truly happy are still around without the need to find them. You just have to look, feel and appreciate.


  1. I should try to stop overthinking. Hay. :|

  2. "Happiness as a sole goal is never ideal." You had me at the first sentence. Lately many of your posts resonate with me.

    I agree with this post. In general, parang impossible to 'seek' happiness, because it can mean acknowledging that we are indeed unhappy when we're supposed to be happy NOW. Happiness is a consequence not the goal.

    1. Naks. Thanks Rae. Oo nga no, if we keep on seeking for it e parang tinanggap na nating di tayo masaya. o kaya e di natin naaappreciate talaga yung mga nagpapasaya sa tin.



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