Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Succeeding While You Fail

We talk a lot about success. Sometimes, it seemed as if it's the only thing that matters. That it's the only acceptable outcome. We look for answers and ways on how to achieve it. A lot of books are written telling you ways to ensure or at least take a bigger chance getting it. But in reality, we fail just as much as we win. Or sometimes even more. 

In reality, there is no blueprint to winning. Good preparation and hard work never assure success. But they will always give you peace of mind and sense of fulfillment knowing that you did your best and leaving out room for doubts had you not try harder in case of failure. 

By giving your all and being aware of what you're doing, both the good and the bad, it always produces a better you in any outcome.


  1. Failure is part of our life, yan ang dapat tanggapin natin. Hindi ka laging mananalo. Kapag tinangap mo ito ay mababawasan ang stress sa buhay mo.

    1. Tama. Malaking bagay talaga ang acceptance. bawas stress na , nakakapag isip pa tayo ng mas magandang gagawin pagkatapos natin mag-fail.



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