Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 Reasons why North Korea Should Cancel the Rocket Launch

As we all know, the North Korea rocket launch is expected to happen between the dates April 12-16, 2012. There are a lot of issues, stories, doubts and questions which arose on this subject. NoKor government says that it’s just a satellite launching and nothing else, but many think otherwise. For them, this is just too shadowy to accept due to NoKor's history of missile tests  and can’t just take it that it’s just an innocent act as what the NoKor leaders are trying to imply. Whatever North Korea is thinking right now, I believe that there are some reasons that maybe worth pondering for them to reconsider this rocket launching. No matter what the outcome is, it’s still a losing situation for them. And please take note of number 3.

  1. Even if the rocket launch is successful, their reputation is already tainted and other groups and countries will still find reasons to hate them for it and will still find issues on it.
  2. If the satellite launch is successful but the debris falls off their target and lands on any other countries around, this might be seen as a sign of aggression from them and might give a reason for any country and its allies to retaliate against them.
  3. Even if everything is successful, the possibility of SABOTAGE is still there. For other groups  (or countries) which has hidden agenda and are capable to do it, these are possible to happen:
a.  Sabotage the launch to fail and create damage to other countries to have a reason to attack NoKor.
b.  Sabotage the launch and enforce UN to sanction NoKor.
c.  Do a frame up by using the opportunity to attack other countries in parallel and blame NoKor for it

With the pride that is known for North Korea, I believe that this will push through no matter what. Let’s just hope that everything goes well as they plan as I also think that they themselves do not want to get into any trouble with other countries now. They might be powerful but not as powerful enough to get into war against nations at present but if they will think of the possibilities like what I’ve stated above, it is not impossible to happen even if it’s just a simple satellite launch as what they are claiming all along. Good luck to us. Good luck to North Korea.


  1. tried and tested tactic na ng nokor ang gumawa ng mga ganitong provocations. kaya asahan ng lahat na may kasunod pa to. sabi nga nila, baka isunod uli ng nokor ang underground nuclear testing nila.

    1. hehehe, oo nga eh. hanggang sa magutom na ng todo mga tao nila kasi dito napupunta yung buong pondo ng bansa nila. pero baka hindi rin, kasi may mga 'friends' sila na puedeng magbigay tulong sa kanila. :)



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