Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just 10 of Life's Lessons to My Life's First 30 Years

**This is a repost from my FB note on my 30th birthday.

Just sharing some fine few lessons that I learned and realized in the past 30 years of my life. I tried to make them short and simple and hope that they do make sense to you as well. Hope to add more in the next coming years, God willing.

1.  Successes are necessary for our growth, while failures help speed it up.
2.  True friends aren’t chosen. They just happen. Same with enemies.
3.  If we aim to prosper on more important matters rather than being materialistic, we’ll achieve more in life which comes free with the material things that we need.
4.  Open-mindedness is when you are able to consider the other side, then your side, then the other side again, then your side again…and this is where true wisdom begins.
5.  Forgiving isn’t easy while forgetting is almost near to impossible. Time is our most effective weapon to handle both, use it wisely.
6.  One of the few things that tick off the most mature person is having high expectations on an unexpectedly immature person. Refrain from expecting too much.
7.  Scrutinize all “truths” that are being thrown around no matter where they come from.
8.  Brains are meant to think, and mouths are meant to be fed and to swallow. One reason why the society is going into chaos is because many people do the opposite; they are contented that their minds are being fed with information and swallow them without having any second thoughts, while quickly reacting to issues like they are thinking directly with their mouths.
9.  Accountability is a valuable gem for those who want to achieve and retain power, leadership, integrity and respect.
10.  We gain more purpose in our lives by giving purpose to other people’s lives.


  1. i agree sa mga life lessons mo. dati kasi ang life lesson ko lang ay huwag pahuhuli ng buhay. lols!

    1. hehehe, tama din naman yung life lesson mo pre kasi pag di sinunod yan, wala nang "life" dun sa lesson.

  2. very valuable ang lifes lessons na natutunan mo .

    inspiring :)



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