Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Philippines in Top 10 of Something… Then What?

We always have the biggest, the longest, the smallest, the most number, the ******ST of just about anything you can imagine. The Philippines will surely have something to offer if you’re talking about the best and the worst. It is always a “wala yan sa lolo ko!” moment. (see: Mga Maling Yabang ng Pinoy).

Just like when there were two contradicting records that our country got recognized with on the same day. First being the World’s most God believing nation and the other is on having one of the world’s worst cities for driving. I can't see how the belief in the Supreme Deity reflects in our people who drive recklessly with no regards to other people’s rights, possessions and lives.

Most people rejoice with pride if it is about something they deemed good for our reputation. But if it’s something that they think taints our immaculate image,then expect all hell to break loose. It just shows how our people merely react to things that don’t have direct effects on their lives. Either too proud or not with the feat, it just shows how reactive we are by burdening our minds on concerns which lies outside our reach. (see: The Opinionated Filipino)

Rather than just a show of disgust or pride, can’t we try doing something advantageous for our country on what these “records” are telling the whole world about?

Does being the world’s number one God believing country gives any meaning if our actions and character aren't reflecting it? Why not being the first person to show that our faith inspires us to do good to other people?  Or does it matter if our country has the most optimistic businessmen if we just lackadaisically perform our duties at work, procrastinate or worse, just lazing around and doing nothing? Why not try to spend our time on more productive stuffs or do something to improve our crafts?

On the other hand, those negative tags that we get like being one of the most corrupt nation, worst nation when it comes to traffic and all others, can't we just take these as challenges? We can’t change these things in just one click. But we can take part in minimizing them by starting with ourselves.  And also by acting with more discipline and acquiring further knowledge regarding our rights and responsibilities.

Hopefully, the next time we’ll hear about the same type of news saying that our country is the best or worst on this or that, we'll all just move along, shrug our shoulders and just continue doing what we're meant to do. They won't affect us anyway.


  1. sablay nga yung pagiging "relihiyoso" natin eh. pinagtatawanan tuloy tayo ng iba.

    may opinyon ako dito.. marami sa mga relihiyoso ang naniniwala na madali lang magpatawad ng Diyos kaya okay lang gumawa ng gumawa ng kasalanan. papatawarin naman tayo pag nagsimba tayo, pag lumakad ng paluhod, pag nagpapako sa krus, etc...

  2. I agree, may sablay nga siguro sa pagiging relihiyoso ng ilan sa tin. ako naman eh naniniwala din na madali talaga magpatawad ang Diyos. Pero di naman dapat yun excuse para ulit ulitin yung ginagawa nating mali, parang ginagawang wash and wear lang yung kasalanan eh.hehehehe.

    saka kung tutuusin, mas tama na nangumpisal na lang kesa sana magpapako sa krus. ala eh, nahaluan din kasi ng ibang paniniwala na yung dapat na ginagawa natin. yun nga lang, mahirap din sila basta husgahan na lang sa ginagawa nila.

  3. palagay ko nasa kultura na lang yan ng Pinoy, mahirap na baguhin unless gamitan ng kamay na bakal. ouch...

    1. siguro nga merong mga matitigas na din talaga sa ating mga kababayan. pero siguro yung iba, gumagawa na lang ng dahilan kahit alam nila ang tamang gawin. baka tinatamad. hehehehe. Salamat po sa pagdropby sa aking blog. :)

  4. I guess every country has its own top list of goodness or likewise but Philippines is Philippines, a uniquely blend of conservative culture and beauty.

  5. Great post, but Philippines is Philippines a unique diversity of culture and beauty. In any country there is goodness or likewise.

    1. thanks. I'm also proud of the uniqueness and beauty of our country.



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